Replica House brief slideshow

Materials used for adobe blocks: soil, water, and grassRibbon cutting ceremony at the museum openingMixing adobe material with our feetPacking adobe mix into wooden moldsReplica museum exhibit hall openingAdobe blocks drying under the sun
Replica museum exhibit hall openingCactus juice used with soil, water, and limestone as mortarReplica museum exhibit hall openingBuilding adobe wallPreparing reed roofWeaving reed mat for replica house
Placing reed roofPainting images from the Florentine Codex on the museum wallsPainting spindle whorl motifs on museum entry wallInstalling exhibitsInstalling exhibit textEntry of the finished exhibit hall
Replica house and patio in the finished exhibit hallReplica house in the finished exhibit hallInterior of the finished replica houseBackstrap loom, and reed mat, and gourds inside the finished replica houseBurials placed under plexiglass windows on the replica patio platformExhibit cases featuring excavated artifacts

Replica House brief slideshow, a set on Flickr.

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